Over the past few decades, Taiwan has built a remarkably successful export-oriented economy, driven by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of its Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Taiwan’s SMEs are the backbone of the nation’s stable economic growth and development, and a key source of employment. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2019 Global Competitiveness Report, Taiwan ranked 12th of 141 countries in terms of overall national competitiveness, with particularly strong performance in “Macroeconomic stability” (1st), “Innovation capability” (3rd) and “Financial system” (6th).

Program School Location Period of Apply
1 A Global Internship Lab – 2020 TEEP@AsiaPlus x NSYSU, TAIWAN National Sun Yat-sen University Kaohsiung 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/04/30
2 Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency, Ecosystem Health National Dong Hwa University Hualien 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/03/31
3 Cross-cultural Management, Chinese Leadership Styles National Chung Cheng University Chiayi 2020/02/01 ~ 2020/03/31
4 E-learning, Language Learning, Multimedia National Chiayi University Chiayi 2020/02/01 ~ 2020/09/01
5 Hotel management, Kinmen, Duty-Free Shopping Mall National Quemoy University Kinmen 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/03/31
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6 Industry 4.0, Smart Production and Management Yuan Ze University Taoyuan 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/05/15
7 Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taipei 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/06/30
8 Management, Business Administration, Research Nanhua University Chiayi 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/12/31
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9 Project-Based, Immersive, Practicum Feng Chia University Taichung 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/06/15