Responding to COVID-19

Agriculture & Fishery

While Taiwan is known today as a high-tech powerhouse, its farming and fishery sectors have produced...

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Business & Management

Over the past few decades, Taiwan has built a remarkably successful export-oriented economy, driven...

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Taiwan has world-class semiconductor manufacturers, such as the world's largest IC contract foundrie...

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Nature Science

Science and technology are at the heart of Taiwan’s progress and economic rise. Committed to keeping...

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Culture & Humanity

Taiwan has a multi-ethnic population of more than 23 million, and is one of the most densely populat...

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Social Science

The social sciences are devoted to the study of human societies and the relationships among individu...

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Medicine & Public Health

Taiwan's boasts a world-class medical technology sector. Fourteen of the world’s top 200 hospitals a...

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In addition to these traditional mainstream fields, Taiwan also offers a wealth of learning opportun...

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