01I am very interested in applying for TEEP program but I am aware of this pandemic COVID-19 can result in some delays in many ways. Will TEEP programs be announced this 2022?

TEEP programs are still continuing and executing in the Year 2022 for sure. However, the border of many countries is closed or controlled due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which has influenced students to cancel their plan of participating in TEEP program, and the programs may change their admission policy or timelines as well. 

Due to this uncertainty, we suggest that please keep in contact with the program you are interested in, and of course, we'll also update the last information on the website. Once the border policy is relaxed, you can apply for TEEP program (contact an individual program, submit the application form and other documents required by the program), receive the acceptance letter, start the application process for entry VISA as a TEEP student and come to Taiwan.

02What is the regulation or requirement of admission qualification?

First of all, we welcome all the international students around the world to come to Taiwan and join our TEEP program, whether the nationality, degree level, age, gender, professional skills, or others. 

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education (MOE), the participants who are not eligible to apply for the scholarship are below: 

  • Without having a high school level diploma or above.
  • Already having a doctoral degree.
  • Having studied in Taiwan as a degree-seeking or exchange student, including in the present or past.
  • Can't fulfill the qualifications or requirements stipulated by the individual program.

The students who do not qualify for scholarship requirements may participate in TEEP programs at their own expense, if obtaining the program chief's permission.

03What is the process of application?

TEEP programs are diverse and independent, their curriculums, timelines, or application process are all separate, those depend on each university and program's chief, namely that you should decide a program and contact them by mail or phone to confirm the detail or application process.

04Is it possible if I apply for more than one program with different universities at the same time?

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan, the participants will not be acceptable for entering plural TEEP programs at the same time, you can just choose one program that you decide to attend.

05Can I say that the requirements for every university or lab will be different?

Yes, the requirements for every program will be different.

06Will the regulation of TEEP internship be different for every university or lab, so it will be better to check each university’s website to know its regulation about TEEP internship?

All the TEEP program have to follow the same acts or regulations (entry/exit, visa application, abidance by law in the duration of stay, etc) by the government, but the programs have its flexibility to set up the rules such as admission process, requirements, the amount of scholarship, duration, or timetable, so students have to check and confirm the rules of the program.

07Will every academic advisor who provides TEEP internship prefer to have online interview to select the internship participant?

No, not all the professors or academic staff ask for an online interview with students. However, it's possible that if the program expects to select the applicants with high levels of professional skills, such as a research-based internship.

08When will the TEEP program for next year be announced tentatively?

Basically, the TEEP program of next year will be announced in January of the becoming year. However, it depends on the date of final approval by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan.

01Is full scholarship always available during TEEP internship? Full scholarship here includes tuition waiver or monthly stipend from University/Professor.

All the TEEP programs will provide a scholarship (tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend of living expenses, maximum 15,000 NTD) to participants, however, the amount of scholarship is decided by the principal investigator of the individual program.

02Do the applicants need to pay for TEEP internship?

Basically, the applicants don't need to pay too much in fees for TEEP programs, however, it may be possible that a few programs require applicants to pay for administration fees or others.

01Who should I contact if having questions in visa application or its regulation?

Because of the difference in application process and regulations between missions and embassies abroad of Taiwan (R. O. C.), please check the visa information on the embassy's website or contact them directly.  

02What kind of visa will I receive, is it any different or related to my stay in Taiwan?

All the TEEP participants will receive a visitor visa with remarks of TEEP program name and official document number after completing the visa application process in the Embassies & Missions Abroad of Taiwan (R.O.C.). Basically, the total period of stay cannot exceed 180 days.

Please refer to the page of "SUPPORTS" ( and click "Useful Links" button, to see the list of Embassies & Missions Abroad of Taiwan (R.O.C.). 

03How should I submit the application of visa?

Each of the embassies and missions has different regulations and official documents in submitting the visa application. Please check the web page of BOCA (Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to access individual R.O.C. embassies and Missions abroad and get the contact information.

01Will the TEEP internship program be done only in a laboratory or campus area?

No, each of the TEEP programs will arrange many kinds of activities such as internship (in the laboratory, research center, company or enterprise, etc), professional courses or seminars, Chinese language courses, or cultural visits, probably on-campus or off-campus, that depends on the principal investigator's planning and the difference between disciplines.

02I’m a faculty from the university outside Taiwan and be interested in having a cooperative relation and getting trained our students under TEEP program. What should I do?

We welcome all the universities around the world to build collaborative relations with Taiwanese universities. Please search the program you are interested in the website and feel free to contact them, or let us know if need our suggestion.

03Is TEEP student able to apply university dormitory or this regulation will depend on each university?

Basically, the students will be arranged at the university dormitory, and won't need to find accommodation by themselves. However, it's better to be confirmed before applying for the program.

04Does TEEP internship follow the academic period in Taiwan, like it always starts on Fall or Spring semester? Or does it depend on university or lab's regulation, like it can start on summer break or spring break or any time?

TEEP programs are diverse and independent. So it depends on the principal investigator's planning and the difference in disciplines. Some are in the semester, and some are flexible to apply.

Can’t find the answer? Please contact us.