Because of environmental concerns, the development of a green process for chemical production has increasingly attracted considerable attention. In recent years, noncatalytic reactions are considered an ecofriendly process for chemical production. In this process, the reaction is performed under thermal conditions without the presence of a catalyst, thereby eliminating the drawbacks of both the chemical- and enzyme-catalyzed processes. In our lab, the noncatalytic reactions have been applied in the synthesis of biodiesel, lubricant, and bioactive compounds. Joining our lab, you will learn what is noncatalytic reaction, how to synthesize compounds via noncatalytic processes, and how to establish a kinetic model. In addition, during the time you stay in Taiwan, our lab also provides you some activities and culture tour. We welcome you in joining our lab.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: Ming Chi University of Technology
  • Organizer: Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Period of Apply: 2024/01/01 - 2024/21/31
  • Term: 2024/01/01 - 2024/21/31
  • Contact Person:Chia-Hung Su
  • Phone:+886933732616