Our research focuses on design and synthesizing organic materials and apply these materials in various applications, including chemical sensors, organic light-emitting diodes, and organic solar cells. As part of this program, students will acquire essential skills in organic synthesis and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge chemistry research instruments, such as NMR, mass spectrometers, UV-Vis and fluorescence spectrometers, as well as liquid and gas chromatography tools. Because this a research-based project, the applicants with basic experimental skills in chemistry lab, or those who want to continue their graduate study in Taiwan are preferred.

At present, Tamkang University (TKU) hosts approximately 2,000 international students. Those studying at TKU have the option to reside either in on-campus dormitories or rent accommodations near the campus, typically costing between 4,000 to 6,000 NTD per month. Moreover, through the TEEP@AsiaPlus program, each student is eligible for a living subsidy of12,000~15,000 NTD per month. If you are interested in our program, please send an email with a brief CV to the Prof. Chih-Hsin Chen for consideration.

  • Field: Natural Science
  • School: Tamkang University
  • Organizer: Department of Chemistry
  • Period of Apply: 2024/02/01 - 2024/12/31
  • Term: 3 to 6 months, specific period negotiable.
  • Contact Person:Chih-Hsin Chen