a. Internship Overview:
This program enables the students to gain first-hand experience in academic research and education. Electro-Optical Materials and Semiconductor Devices Lab is focused on designing, synthesizing, and understanding materials with an emphasis on Li-ion battery materials, materials chemistry, nanomaterials and phosphors for practical applications. The selected candidates are invited to carry out research in the one of the following mentioned research areas.
1. Lithium-ion Batteries
2. Materials chemistry for the synthesis of special kinds of materials and corresponding coating
3. Development of phosphors and materials
4. Chemical Mechanical Polishing-synthesis and formulation of abrasive and slurry
5. Preparation of quantum dot materials

Please check our website: for other related information.

We have invited many international students to join into our lab. Most of visiting students did very good work in our lab, and they also found very good positions after they finished the internship research.

b. Scholarship/Grants
• Stipend: 25000 NTD/month (around 850 USD/month) by the government and remuneration by the professor at NTU

c. Accommodation:
Our university will arrange the dormitory for the students. Students have to pay the dormitory fee (around 85 USD/ month).

d. Tuition fee:
Waived by National Taiwan University

e. Schedule or duration
The period of 4 months and can be extended up to 6-months on performance basis.

f. Participation requirements
We are looking for ambitious people that fit the following description:
 Ph.D. students with a major in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, or Material science related field
 Non-ROC nationals who speak English fluently or as fluently as possible
 Recommended by a reference, referred by university teacher(s) or approved by an institution.
The longest internship a person can have is six months.

g. Application Procedure
The interested candidates are advised to send the following documents to Prof. Chung-Hsin Lu (Email: )
1. Academic records for BS, MS, and Ph.D.
2. Research plan
3. CV/Resume

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Taiwan University
  • Organizer: Chemical Engineering
  • Period of Apply: 2024/02/01 - 2024/08/31 (The application closing date may be brought forward due to limited quota)
  • Term: a) 2024/04/01- 2024/07/31 b) 2024/08/01- 2024/11/30 ※ The schedule is subject to change according to the specific requirement.
  • Fee:  No registration fee nor tuition fee.
     Participants are responsible for covering their own expenses related to food and accommodation.
  • Contact Person:Chung-Hsin Lu
  • Phone:23651428