Kinmen is famous for its local BEEF JERKY. The use of sorghum distilled residue (SDR) in beef feedlot diets has been the most distinctive character in the animal husbandry in Kinmen. This character makes BEEF JERKY production a promising industry and the most popular souvenir for tourists. Among all producers, “Yuan-Tou” sets up a model by linking everything together from animal feeding, fattening, food processing, product selling, marketing, and serving in the restaurant. With this TEEP project, NQU plans to raise the visibility of SDR Beef in Kinmen and recruit young members to learn all related know-how in this industry.

In this project, members will be arranged to learn
(1) Mandarin,
(2) Food Processing,
(3) Digital Marking,
(4) Smart Agriculture, and
(5) Internship in food processing related industry.

NQU intends to recruit 15 members from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and different countries around the globe. Members will be given:
(1) Monthly Allowance of NTD 6,000 (6 months)
(2) Dorm fee subsidy of NTD 4,500
(3) Health Insurance subsidy of NTD 3,000
(4) Domestic Flight subsidy of NTD 6,000
(5) Free Intensive Mandarin Courses
(6) Free Professional Food Processing Courses
(7) Internship opportunity in Animal Husbandry or Food Processing Industry

  • Field: Natural Science
  • School: National Quemoy University
  • Organizer: Offi ce of International and Cross-strait Affairs
  • Period of Apply: 2024/04/15 - 2024/09/18
  • Term: 2024/01/15 - 2024/03/01
  • Fee: (1) Dorm Fee:NTD 8,300 for male, NTD 9,300 for female (Partially Refundable)
    (2) Monthly Living Expenses:It varies from person to person, estimated to be NT$ 7,000 monthly, and is on your own costs.
    (3) International Transportation:It varies from country to country and is on your own costs.
    (4) Domestic Transportation:NT$ 6,000 (Fully Refundable)
    (5) Health Insurance Fee:NT$ 3,000 (Fully Refundable)
  • Website of Program:
  • Contact Person:Anna Ko
  • Phone:082-313734