There are 6 professors from the colleges of engineering, management, and science at the National Chung Cheng University. The topics are as listed here: All details can be found at the above website. Online application is mandatory at Your application will be reviewed within ONE (1) month. Only accepted applications will be notified. Confirmation is required within 48 hours after you receive the acceptance email.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Chung Cheng University
  • Organizer: Research Center on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development
  • Period of Apply: 2024/03/01 - 2024/12/31
  • Term: At least 3 months, at most 6 months, anytime during 2024
  • Fee: Monthly stipend will be given to each intern.
    All other costs including air-travel, local transportation, dorm, meals, etc. have to be paid by the intern himself/herself, partially from the internship stipend.
  • Website of Program:
  • Contact Person:Mr. Adarsh Rouniyar or Ms. Ellen Hsu or CCU TEEP Asia Official Contact