We are always looking for highly motivated people! Here we value diversity both in our research topics and in our team composition, and passionate researchers from around the world are welcome to join us.

Internship Overview: Are you passionate about unraveling the mysteries of environmental science and exploring cutting-edge research about emerging contaminants? If so, we invite you to join Advanced Environmental Ultra Research Laboratory (ADVENTURE Lab) at CYCU for an exciting internship opportunity. As part of this transformative experience, participants will engage in an integrated curriculum that combines intensive professional lectures with hands-on laboratory internships. This blend of academic learning and practical training is enhanced by the invaluable opportunity to visit leading industries in Taiwan. State-of-art instruments including LC-MS/MS, TOC analyzer, SEM, TEM, infrared spectroscopy, Raman and X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and FTIR, and in practice of trace environmental analysis such as air, soil, surface water and wastewater samples will be provided. Participants will also gain experience in the fieldwork, sample pretreatment and analysis, and interpretation of the data by statistic tools and data mining. More importantly, teamwork experience and multidisciplinary learning will be the most valuable career assets for them through this training process The journey extends into the heart of Taiwan’s cultural heritage, offering an enriching blend of knowledge and exploration that transcends the conventional classroom environment.

Program Structure:
1. International Guest Lectures:
• Exploring the different environmental research fields and cutting-edge technologies.
2. Laboratory Internship:
• Conduct experiments to evaluate the uptake, translocation, metabolism, and accumulation of a comprehensive list of emerging contaminants.
• Carry out field-plot studies.
• Evaluate the potential human health risks by calculating the human exposure to emerging contaminants from intakes.
• Produce outreach and education materials, including fact sheets, publications in non-technical venues, web postings, carrying out information dissemination and training workshops and field tours to extend scientific findings to sanitation and water districts, regulators, commodity groups, growers, and the general public.
3. Industrial and research Institutional Visits:
• Visits to leading industries and research institutions in Taiwan.
• Learn about the collaboration between research institutes and industry.

Eligibility and Requirements:
1. Background in environmental sciences or a related field.
2. Proficiency in English.

Benefits for Participants:
1. Living subsidy of TWD 15,000 per month.
2. Flight tickets support up to TWD 15,000.
3. Unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in emerging contaminants.
4. Exposure to professional networks and industry insights.

Contact Information: If need more information about the program, please feel free to contact us. Join us at ADVENTURE Lab and be part of a dynamic research team dedicated to making a difference through our research. Unlock the potential of your scientific curiosity and help shape the future of environmental research.

  • Field: Natural Science
  • School: Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Organizer: Department of Environmental Engineering
  • Period of Apply: 2024/1/1 - 2024/12/31
  • Term: Flexible period for a maximum of 6 months. (Ex: 2024/3/01-2024/9/31 or 2024/6/01-2024/12/31)
  • Fee: No registration fee or tuition fee. Flight tickets and monthly allowances will be granted as TEEP scholarships.
  • Website of Program:
  • Contact Person:Jheng-Jie Jiang
  • Phone:+886 912367161