Proposal: To enhance the academic relationship between Taiwan and other SE countries including India, the mutual exchange of students to pursue higher education is highly desirable. However, recruiting students for the short term to accomplish the complimentary research would greatly benefit both universities in terms of academic publications and complementary studies. Apparently, TEEP offers such an excellent opportunity to hire a short-term doctoral student to conduct complimentary studies and achieve collaborative publications. This would enhance not only the workforce at HOST but also collective publications which would be beneficial for both institutes. In the proposed program, the intent is to recruit 2 doctoral students (interns) (preferably 2 or 3rd year) to carry out the complimentary studies and write the manuscript. These interns not only accomplish their research in the HOST laboratory but also help to share the common works at the lab. Certainly, they will help us to know more connections in their countries for possible future recruitment. Anticipated training would be, providing instrumentation facilities, allowing them exposed to new research areas, discussing their research ideas, and implementing them in due course. Writing the manuscript jointly and publishing it.

Numbers of Interns to Hire: Two doctoral Students (02 numbers) Intern’s Institute: Possibly from the Indian Universities and IIT where Tunghai University has MoU and from Thailand and Malaysia (By attending the conference and building the network)

Duration of Stay: Max 6 months

Work Place: College of Science, PI’s Laboratory

Proposed work: Synthesis of a wide range of biologically active organic compounds. Photophysical studies of the prepared compounds and Sending the Samples to INDIA for biological imaging and pharmacological studies.

Funds: As a Stipend: 180,000 NTD (15000 NTD/month, 90,000 NTD each student)

Anticipated Result: Collaborative Publications (2-3 each students) Details Selected students will be offered consolidated 15000 NTD (~ 500 USD)/month. Airfare, health insurance and accommodations facility will not be covered by the school or Taiwan Govt. However, School will try to offer to offside campus stay (with nominal fees).

Whom we expect
1. Must be Indian or Any south East Asian country citizen
2. Graduate (PhD) students who are in their 3-4th year and nearing to complete their research and thesis
3. Expertise in Organic, Materials, Functional chemistry (all fields) Are eligible to apply

What we offer Well furnished labs, chemicals and instruments and access to all research facilities located in College of Science.

How to apply With duly filled application form-along with recent passport size photograph, with necessary information as requested in application form need to be send by E-mail to

After the selection Selected candidates will be notified and will assist for filling visa and other formalities. Also, it is expected to that students must have their own research plan which can be discussed/modified upon their selection.

Previous TEEP Performance Project Name:
Connection for Continuous Collaboration in Research and Student Recruitment (C3RSR) (Active project) Year: 2023 to July 2024 Number of interns: 01 (June 2023 to Dec 2024) Currently working in the HOST lab 01 (Intended to arrive March 2024)

Current Progress: Most of the assigned studies have been completed. 01 publication is about to communicate. Also established multi-institute collaboration and writing the manuscript.

Expected to publish early next year.
1. Microwave-assisted synthesis of Triphenyl amine-based Phenyl Quinazolines: Investigation of Photo-physical and Fluorescence Switching behavior Pravinkumar Selvam a, Kiran B Manjappa b*, Ashok Kumar SK a* (to be submitted)
2. Design and development of contactless, vapor-assisted Acid-Base phenyl quinazoline derived sensors: Exploiting them as anticounterfeits through the Security Ink application. Pravinkumar Selvam a* Ashok Kumar SK a* Nagabhushana Hb*, Kiran B Manjappa C* (Manuscript under preparation)

  • Field: Natural Science
  • School: Tunghai University
  • Period of Apply: 2023/12/01 - 2024/05/30
  • Term: 06 months
  • Contact Person:Kiran B Manjappa