Laboratory of Membrane Water Treatment Technology offers innovative graduate-level research programs in multidisciplinary water research including membrane fabrication, membrane application, and environmental nanotechnology in water treatment engineering. Prof. Shiao-Shing Chen, who is a distinguished professor currently works at the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management in Taipei Tech, is in charge of this lab. Prof. Chen does research in water treatment membrane process for more than 20 years and his current project includes novel membrane processes such as forward osmosis, membrane distillation and pervaporation. This laboratory focuses on the development of novel composite membranes using interfacial polymerization methods for water processes (forward osmosis and membrane distillation) as well as organic solvent separation (pervaporation) for lab and industrial scales. This laboratory is equipped with versatile filtration units that can be easily applied and configured to match most testing requirements in real world applications.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Taipei University of Technology
  • Organizer: Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management
  • Period of Apply: 2024/01/01- 2024/12/31
  • Term: at least 6 months
  • Website of Program:
  • Contact Person:Shiao-Shing Chen
  • Phone:+886-2-2771-2171 ext4142