This lab has been established to study the immunological function and assess its efficacy and protection rate against its causative agent. Vaccine efficacy, cytokine and transcriptome analyses are also conducted.

Some of our researches are as follows:
1. Development of detection kits against viruses
2. Baculovirus expression system for generation of Virus-like Particles (VLPs)
3. Monoclonal antibody production
4. Development of treatment strategies against viral infections
5. Modification of cell for vaccine application

In addition, our lab has been doing some fast diagnostic technologies treatments and vaccines for companion and economic animals. Also, detection kits are being developed for rapid diagnostic test that can be used onsite for disease diagnosis. Our lab continues to develop more strategies and develop vaccines for further immunological assessment and efficacy tests against different kind of pathogens.

  • Field: Agriculture & Fishery
  • School: National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
  • Organizer: Graduate Institute of Animal Vaccine Technology /Companion Research Center
  • Period of Apply: 2024/02/01 - 2024/12/31
  • Term: 2024/02/01 - 2024/12/31
  • Fee: total fee:5000-12000NTD/month
  • Website of Program: +886-8-7703202 ext 5333
  • Contact Person:kuo pin chuang