Optical Information Processing (OIP) Laboratory of National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan plans to offer internship opportunities for young and talented students to conduct research on topics of metaverse photonics, AR/MR display, holography, and optical lens design. The major objective of OIP Lab. is to develop various kinds of optical elements and systems based on Optical and Holographic technologies. Currently, our researches focus on MR glasses, computer-generated-hologram (CGH), and related advanced optical system design. Bachelor students or students with higher degree from universities with science or engineering background are the main recruitment targets of this project.

The internship period is expected to be six months. Intern applying for three-month term is also acceptable. Intern students will conduct activities such as the fabrication of holographic waveguide for MR display and related literature study and discussion in the laboratory. The students get admitted to the intern program in my laboratory will receive 15,000 NT/month.

  • Contact Person:Wei-Chia Su
  • Phone:+886-4-7232105#3359