Stipend: Participants in the internship program will receive a stipend of 10,000 NTD per month to support their living expenses during the duration of the program.

Educational Requirement: The program is open to college and master's level students.

Laboratory Information: The internship will take place in the R&D Center for Membrane Technology, a state-of-the-art research center dedicated to the development of sustainable solutions for wastewater. Participants will actively contribute to a comprehensive research project focused on designing and creating antifouling polymeric membranes. The laboratory is equipped with advanced facilities for membrane fabrication, polymer synthesis, and the analysis of physical and chemical properties.

Project Duration: The internship program is structured around the five key phases of the research project, and the duration of the internship program is set at six months.

Accommodation: While the internship does not provide accommodation directly, the program coordinators will assist participants in finding suitable housing options within the vicinity of the laboratory. Information on affordable and convenient accommodation will be shared with interns upon acceptance into the program.

Project Schedule: The project encompasses five key phases:(i) the structural design of polymeric membranes using various phase inversion techniques, with a focus on fine-tuning membrane morphology;(ii) the synthesis of antifouling copolymers, emphasizing the design and manipulation of chemical properties to ensure efficacy against diverse foulants;(iii) the modification of the polymeric membrane using the synthesized copolymer through surface modifications such as coating and grafting, and bulk modification via in situ approach;(iv) the analysis and characterization of the membranes’ physical and chemical properties; and (v) the application of these membranes in wastewater treatment, assessing their antifouling abilities towards biological and oil-based foulants.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Organizer: Chemical Engineering
  • Period of Apply: 2024/01/01-2024/12/31
  • Term: 6 months
  • Fee: We will provide a monthly stipend of 10,000 NTD for living expenses and allocate 30,000 NTD for the procurement of chemicals and sample characterizations.
  • Website of Program:
  • Contact Person:Antoine Venault
  • Phone:03-2654196