This project will cooperate with Taichung City government to recruit 3 graduate students or university graduates from South Asian or ASEAN countries to be visiting researchers at Graduate Institute of International Politics, NCHU. Researchers are required to participate in the courses and academic events related to international relations at NCHU, and visit think tanks as well as NGOs related to international relations, sustainable development, or public affairs. Through course participation and visits to think tanks and NGOs, researchers shall explore innovative ways to promote Taiwan's visibility in global affairs, and build connections between civil societies of Taiwan and South/Southeast Asia. At the end of internship, researchers are required to present their experiences and observations of interactions with local think tanks or NGOs, and submit a research report for publication. Applicants shall demonstrate strong interests in one or more of the following areas: development studies, international relations, and international NGOs. The researchers will be hosted by the Graduate Institute of International Politics, NCHU. The length of the program is 4 months. The project will sponsor living stipends to the researchers for particiation in the program.

  • Field: Social Science
  • School: National Chung Hsing University
  • Organizer: Graduate Institute of International Politics
  • Period of Apply: 2024/03/01-2024/04/30
  • Term: 4 months
  • Fee: Accommodation fee required
  • Contact Person:Anand Chauhan
  • Phone:0906810541