Project Overview: Study of water wave interaction with offshore and inshore structures in physical scenarios Project Description: The research project focuses on investigating the complex interaction between water waves and both offshore and inshore structures situated upon porous bed profiles. The project aims to advance the understanding of how porous bed configurations influence wave behavior and the structural response. This encompasses a combination of theoretical analyses, mathematical modeling, and numerical simulations to explore the dynamic interactions in various environmental conditions. Key Objectives: 1. Develop mathematical models for water wave interaction with offshore and inshore structures. 2. Investigate the impact of porous bed profiles on wave characteristics and structural response. 3. Conduct numerical simulations to validate theoretical models and provide insights into real-world scenarios. 4. Assess the potential applications of the findings in engineering practices, coastal management, and environmental considerations. Duration: 1. Minimum recommended commitment of 3 month for participants. 2. Longer durations may be accommodated based on the nature of the research tasks and individual preferences. Scholarships and Funding: Participants may be eligible for a monthly scholarship of 12000 NTD and one time 9000 NTD as travel expenses. Scholarships may cover research expenses and accommodation. Participation Requirements: 1. Educational Background: (1) Mathematics. (2) Ocean engineering. (3) Oceanography. (4) A related field with the knowledge of applied mathematics in engineering problems. 2. The qualification of applying: (1) PhD students. (2) Postgraduate/ Masters Students. 3. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English is required, as the project involves collaboration, presentations, and written communication in English. 4. Technical Skills: (1) Familiarity with mathematical modeling. (2) Numerical simulations. (3) Structural engineering is advantageous. (4) Knowledge of relevant software tools (e.g., MATLAB, C) is recommended. 5. Application Process: Selection will be based on academic merit, relevant skills, and the alignment of research interests with the project. Prospective participants will be invited to submit their applications, including: (1) CV with the Education background, including the university and department of your highest educational records. Please also list the degree and year of currently enrolled in. (2) Contact information and a copy of passport. (3) Statement of interest. (4) Academic transcripts (Certificate of Enrollment, Highest Academic Certificate, Any experience certificates) 6. Important Considerations: (1) The project offers a unique opportunity for hands-on research experience in a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment. (2) Networking opportunities with experienced researchers and exposure to cutting-edge research in water wave mechanics and structural engineering. (3) Participants will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in a field with practical applications in coastal engineering and management. (4) Interested individuals are encouraged to check for updates on scholarship availability, project details, and application procedures through official project channels or collaborating institutions.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Taiwan Ocean University
  • Organizer: Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering, Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Engineering and Technology
  • Period of Apply: 2024/01/01-2024/09/30
  • Term: Minimum duration is three months
  • Fee: 1. No specific registration fee.2. Accommodation:(1) Stay at University Dormitory: From the partner universities 120 NTD/day. Non-partner universities 180 NTD/day.(2) Rent the house by themselves.For more details, please check:
  • Contact Person:Chia-Cheng Tsai
  • Phone:+886-2-2462-2192#6905