The interns are expected to gain the hands-on experience in building python-based GUI application software to visualize the workflow of processing ENS-related medical images. An undergraduate student with python programming experience is preferred. With the PI's collaboration with Chang Gung Memorial Hospitals (the greatest hospital chain in Taiwan), the program is designed to associate the nasal structure of the patients with Empty Nose Syndrome with their symptom complaints using the artificial intelligence technology. The participant will spend time in reviewing and presenting research articles, in programing codes, and in exchanging thoughts with stakeholders. A self-motivated individual is preferred. Accommodation: Chang Gung University has sufficient on-campus dormitory accommodation available. Scholarship: Up to NT$ 15,000 per month for up to six months (funding source: Taiwan's Ministry of Education). Further financial support may be, but not guaranteed, possible contingent to the participant's performance. The participant has to pay for its own VISA application, if needed, and accident / health insurance while staying in Taiwan.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: Chang Gung University
  • Organizer: Department of Information Management
  • Period of Apply: 2023/12/01 - 2024/08/31
  • Term: 2024/02/01 - 2024/12/31
  • Fee: Scholarship: NT$12,00 NT0 to $ 15,000 per month (for a full-month stay) for up to six months.The interns pay for their own VISA application, accident/health insurance, housing & living expenses.Chang Gung University provides sufficient on-campus dormitory accommodation with inexpensive fares.
  • Contact Person:Shu-Yen Wan
  • Phone:+88632118800 ext 5819