The title of this project is "Research of high hardness high entropy alloy nitride coatings". The student can come to our research center-Center for Plasma and Thin Film Technologies to work on the development of high hardness high entropy alloy nitride coatings, which can be applied as protective coatings for cutting tools. In this project, the student can use our deposition facilities. The chemical compositions, phase, microstructure, and mechanical properties of high entropy alloy nitride coatings will be fully explored. The accommodation of student will be arranged by us.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: Ming Chi University of Technology
  • Organizer: Department of Materials Engineering
  • Period of Apply: 2023.02.10-2023.05.31
  • Term: 2023.06.01-2023.12.31
  • Website of Program:
  • Contact Person:Prof. Jyh-Wei Lee