Our lab is in the leading position to develop wood-derived green chemicals and functionalized wood products, especially on nanocellulose, transparent wood, and bio-based polymers. Currently, we mainly focus on applying these new materials into flexible electronics and energy storage devices through a multidisciplinary collaboration.

We welcome students with diverse backgrounds and have a passion to immerse themselves into a new integrated area. Via the Teep program, interested students can come to join our team with a monthly stipend up to 10000 NTD and will be able to experience the development of a new paper-based electronic device. We offer a friendly bilingual environment to assist students gradually familiarizing the lab environment and the Taiwanese culture. It will be optional for students to participate the courses or conferences. After this internship, young excellent students are welcome to apply for our master's program with a full waiver scheme. Our location is at National Ilan University, Yilan, a backyard of Taipei capital city. Yilan is surrounded by three mountain regions famous by its giant trees and diverse ecosystem. It is next to the Pacific Ocean with a stunning beachline suitable for weekend surfing. It will be a great opportunity to extend your professional possibility and discover a new life page.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Ilan University
  • Organizer: Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
  • Period of Apply: 2022/01/01-2022/12/31
  • Term: Spring term/Fall term
  • Fee: TBD
  • Contact Person:Dr. Pei-Yu KUO