National Formosa University (NFU) is located in Huwei which is in the central part of Taiwan, with historical buildings and beautiful farms landscape in town. HuWei is a small town, having 100,000 residents, with a good living environment and very convenient High-Speed Rail service which provide fast connection to rest part of Taiwan.

By establishing the Formosa Education Exchange (Fedex) in NFU, we would like to invite students to experience the professional exchange courses and practice the research work in the following areas.
1. Development of 4 + 1 Multi-Axis Hybrid Powered Aircraft and UAV Flight Training.
2. Manufacture of High-Altitude Long-Endurance (HALE) Solar Unmanned Aircraft.
3. FPGA Circuits Design FPGA and Embedded Systems
4. Automated Machinery and Robot Combination
5. Fiber Optical Communication and Sensing
6. Coherent Control
7. Optical Sensor and System
8. Machine Learning ad Software/Hardware Co-design
9. Advanced Nano Optoelectronics
10. Plasma and Surface Engineering
11. Service Science and User Experience (UX)
12. Environmental Toxicology and Nanotoxicology
13. Biophotonic and Biomaterials
14. Cloud Computing and Intelligent System
15. Digital System Design
16. Bimechartronics
17. Dynamic System
18. Artificial Intelligence Industrial Internet of Things/ Engineering System Design
19. Green Energy
20. Embedded System Design
21. Smart Sensor and Actuator
22. Food Processing
23. Embedded Multimedia Network Application
24. Agricultural
25. User Interface Design
26. Mixed Reality and Game AI
27. Electromagnetic Measurement
28. Fiber Optics Packaging
29. Gear Research
30. Flow Control
31. Medical Device Innovation, Creative Design, Patenting Strategy, Technical Startup
32. Advanced Forging-Stamping and Engineering
33. Machine Diagnosis

【Tuition Fee】
◆ 2000 USD for 4-5 months per student (15 credits for selected professional courses including research works)
★ Tuition Fee Reduction or Waiver for Outstanding Students!!!!

1. Accident Insurance during Staying in Taiwan
2. Health Examination
3. Vaccination (in case of the necessary after doing health examination)
4. Accommodation (the utility bill should be charged toward student)
5. Bedding Equipment
6. Cultural Tour
7. Pick-up and See-off Service

  • Contact Person:Project Coordinator Peirong Jiang