Recruit qualified students from USA and Europe to participate in the TEEP programme at the National Chin-Yi University of Technology. The programme will integrate thematic courses with industry practices by linking up with enterprises to strengthen the students' connection with the industry. It will gain insight into the "Intelligent machinery" industry and establish links with the Asian job market. In addition, the programme also provides students with basic knowledge in the field of "intelligent machinery" through on-campus professional courses. The program is expected to recruit outstanding young international students to assist enterprises with Internship matching in conducting industrial practice and studying our professional courses at University. In addition to acquiring professional knowledge and skills, the students can continue to work in the industry or study Masters/PHD Degree. The program is open to interested international students. Those selected as resident students will receive scholarships or other subsidies to stay in Taiwan for up to 6 months.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Chin-Yi University of Technology
  • Organizer: College of Engineering
  • Period of Apply: 2023/02/01-2023/04/30
  • Term: 2023/06/01-2023/12/31
  • Contact Person:Yong-Ci Chen