The TEEP@KMUC Program is specifically designed for foreign students/scholars to experience and explore KMU in depth in a short time (4 ~ 6 months) through research and study activities at the Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, KMU, Taiwan.

The TEEP@KMUC program highlights short-term research experiences and English teaching curriculum by (1) intern at various research labs in different fields of advanced medicinal and applied chemistry research areas, (2) exploring and handling various advanced research equipment at KMU, (3) great research interaction with medicine and learning advanced medicinal chemistry courses.

In addition to gaining professional knowledge and skills, this TEEP@KMUC program also offers great opportunities to continue to pursue higher education at KMU and for participating students to learn Chinese, improve their language proficiency, and gain understating of Taiwanese culture.

  • Contact Person:Roca Chen
  • Phone:+886-07-3121101 #6985