TEEP@AsiaPlus programme enables the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) to invite students from the world’s top 100 university-Auckland University, also would like to cooperate with the country's number one university of science and technology, Auckland University of Technology (AUT). The planning of the program at NTUT is designed to combine 3D printing application and informatics, so as to become an international research center that meets the requirements of additive manufacturing era. TEEP@AsiaPlus is about how to frequent usage of additive manufacturing development in digital dentinal application. The particle internship such as following: assembly training for light-curing 3D Printer, ceramic slurry proportioning, ceramic slurry proportioning, incremental sheet metal forming and regulation, etc. More than that, the practice courses carry out digital dental sections and visiting Taiwanese dentist clinics as well. NTUT offers a wide range of programmes and solutions in the areas of additive manufacturing to complement its traditional undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for both Taiwanese students and overseas students. The benefit of cooperation is to enhance cross-culture communication capability and academic research in AM area, also offering students a wealth of study opportunities for individuals especially from South Asia to engage with global themes. NTUT is planning to hold an international seminar on AM area with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in 2020.

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Taipei University of Technology
  • Organizer: Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Period of Apply: Please contact us to confirm the period of application!
  • Term: Please contact us!
  • Tuition Fee: Please contact us!
  • Contact Person:prof. Cho-Pei Jiang