The Embedded System and Mobile Communication lab at National Ilan University has conducted active research in a number of cutting-edge and closely coupled technologies, including 5G and B5G mobile communications, IoT, machine learning, and robotics. In the past, the Lab has hosted nine TEEP students from India and the United States. During their stay, they have done research in these areas and published results in conferences and journals. Besides, they are offered opportunities to visit companies in Taiwan to understand the enterprises' technology and operation. Moreover, they are encouraged to work with local students to explore ingenious ways of applying the technologies to solve problems like net zero and healthcare issues. TEEP students can also visit the beautiful island by convenient public transportation. Friendship, experience, and cooperation often last for years and form an indelible memory. This year, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic students from US, Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world who want to do research in the above areas. If interested, please send resume and research plan to Prof. Wang using the contact information listed above.

  • Contact Person:Prof. Hwang-Cheng (Watson) Wang
  • Phone:+886-39317330