Our aim of the program is to develop International Research Collaborations from South korea-Taiwan and India-Taiwan, using Exchange and Internship program (TEEP, MOE). In my research group, we are innovating the flexible, anti-fouling, and bionic surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) biochip, which has a Nepenthes peristome-like structure, was fabricated by photolithography, replicated technology, and thermal evaporation. We are developing Anti-fouling and anti-bacterial capabilities of polymer-based nanomaterials with biosensors. We have plan to publish, International Publications using this TEEP program students and Ming Chi University of Technology support.

Our plan is 6 months’ Internship program from South Korea and India. This Internship program will be useful for Taiwan master students and international research scholars to improve their English communication knowledge and research skills. Also, International students will be joined as postdoctoral researcher in Taiwan after their PhD. Our TEEP program maybe one of the platforms for finding suitable research lab in Taiwan. I hope, this Program more benefits for developing research lab and students in Taiwan. We are planning to provide dormitory facility in our school. Also, We are providing fund 15000/month.

  • Contact Person:Umamaheswari Rajaji