Having the advantages such as rapid growth rate, high photosynthetic efficiency and ability to survive in harsh environments, microalgae, the CO2-hunger microbial factories, emerge as potential solutions for energy, food and pollution issues. Embracing "circular economy" concept, microalgae are capable to utilize low-value byproducts or waste streams as feedstocks for biosynthesis of high-value products in different applications, such as renewable energy, food and feed, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and others. Welcome to learn more about microalgae in our lab!

  • Field: Engineering
  • School: Tunghai University
  • Organizer: Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Period of Apply: 1/1/2023-9/30/2023
  • Term: 1/1/2023-12/31/2023
  • Website of Program:
  • Contact Person:Prof. Yoong Kit Leong