This TEEP project aims to invite international university students majoring in English (mainly from Australia or South-East Asia) to take an internship of English-teaching practice in four different elementary schools in Tai-Shan District of New Taipei City. The participants are encouraged to bring along English picture books introducing the local tradition and culture of their home countries as teaching materials to share with the Taiwanese elementary school students (fourth-sixth graders). The total number of participants for this TEEP project will be eight and the period of internship will be one month. The participants will be divided into four teams and take turns to perform English-teaching practice in each elementary school. In addition, basic Mandarin lessons (twice a week) will be arranged for the visiting participants so they have the opportunity to learn the local language while taking internship in Taiwan. Selected students from Ming Chi University of Technology will play the role of “school buddies” to the participants and accompany them to visit famous cultural and sightseeing spots in Northern Taiwan during the weekends. Every participant will be granted NTD 15,000 as the partial subsidy for either their flight tickets or accommodation. The guest house on campus (triple occupancy with air conditioning) is NTD 4,500 per person. The average fee per meal is NTD 60 at the MCUT school cafeteria and NTD 80 around the neighborhood area of the university.
  • Field: Culture & Humanity
  • School: Ming Chi University of Technology
  • Organizer: Center of International Affairs
  • Period of Apply: Please contact us to confirm the period of application!
  • Tuition Fee: Please see the program description or contact us!
  • Contact Person:Dr. Winnie Li