Natural products are now been an important part of new developments in research and many outcomes that becomes trending based on natural studies. Now scientists are eager to get into our traditional natural medicines that have been used by our ancestors for decades. At the Graduate Institute of Natural Products, College of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University, the professor is so kind and excellent with more than 30 years of experience in teaching and researching natural product medicines. We integrate specialized scientific persons in Chemistry, Pharmacology, Medicine and Molecular Biology to make a novel development of new research and findings in natural products.

Recently we have conducted, The 37th Symposium on Natural Products & the Ceremony in Honor of Late Academician Professor Kuo-Hsiung Lee - Nature is the Best Guide! and we enthusiastically organize international seminars in Taiwan and cheer our students & staff to attend international seminars in order to explore and share knowledge. We also provide short-term study opportunities for international students, and the academic results have been excellent. Our institute is dedicated to cultivating many talents and enhancing their knowledge and making them shine throughout all countries like Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and around every part of the world in natural medicine research.

  • Field: Medicine & Public Health
  • School: Kaohsiung Medical University
  • Organizer: Graduate Institute of Natural Products
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  • Contact Person:Prof. Hui-Chung Wang