The energy crisis and environmental pollution have increasingly threatened the survival and development of human. Global energy reserves will suffer severely challenges in 2050. The situation also forces the developing countries to seek clean and low-cost renewable energy for sustainable development. Hydrogen energy has become the research emphasis as a kind of clean, efficient and renewable energy source. Among many methods of hydrogen production, hydrogen production through decomposing water from the inexhaustible solar energy become the tendency. No other pollutants are produced during the reaction, and the final product is water, which has great potential for application. The traditional photocatalysts can only absorb the ultraviolet light, and the photogenerated electron-holes can be easily recombined internally. Therefore, the photocatalytic activity is largely limited. In recent years, the graphene and titania composite photocatalytic materials become the research hotspots because the highly efficient and stable, which can be well applied to visible light range. This project has synthesized a highly efficient graphene-based composite photocatalysts, and actual acetic acid wastewater has been used as organic sacrificial agent for hydrogen production. It is important to build a continuous photocatalytic organic wastewater hydrogen production device, and evaluate its feasibility and efficiency for hydrogen production. The preliminary results show that the wastewater containing 1200 ppm of acetic acid (from Taiwan Industrial Research Vinegar) as the water resource for producing hydrogen experiment. In addition, the efficiency of treatment for acetic acid can be up to 90%, and the rate of hydrogen production can reach 6.12 mmol h-1 g-1 or more. After recycling for one month, the efficiency of organic wastewater treatment and hydrogen production are not significantly reduced. At the same time, in order to enhance the separation purity of hydrogen. The research scholarship is between 8,000 and 15,000 NT. The fee of dormitory (housing) will supplied by this project.

  • Contact Person:Joy Thomas