Oriental Institute of Technology (OIT), founded by the Far Eastern Group, is one of the most progressive and innovative colleges in northern Taiwan. As OIT enters its fourth decades, our goal is to become the leading center of discovery and learning in the field of vocational education. In this summer program, you will be provided with chances to be engaged in cultural and creative industries, particularly in the field of materials and textiles. Through a series of mini-courses, you will learn how to make digital printing and knitting products with characteristics or patterns of Taiwan and your own cultures. Besides the courses, you will go see some cultural attractions in northern Taiwan. Don’t hesitate! Just come and join this program. You will be expected to: 1. learn the theoretical lessons and gain practical experiences of modern productions of materials and textiles. 2. have a better understanding of Taiwanese culture and its people. 3. promote cross-cultural interactions 4. design your own unique cultural and creative products 5. organize language and culture lessons for Taiwan’s elementary/ middle school students No tuition fees. The scholarship is roughly NT$10,000.
  • Field: Culture & Humanity
  • School: Oriental Institute of Technology
  • Organizer: International Affairs Division
  • Period of Apply: Please contact us to confirm the period of application!
  • Contact Person:Ms. Yu-Ting Kuo