The TEEP program will be focused on the developments of clean energy storage devices such as asymmetric supercapacitor and Zinc air battery. The efficient energy storage is a key solution for the future clean renewable energy-based power supplies as well as modern electronic devices. Because the renewable energy-based electricity productions supply the electrical energy by their production dependency not by the demandant requirements. So the renewable energy-based grid was not matched conventional non-renewable energy resources. To fill the gap between renewable energy power production and consumer requirement, efficient energy storage devices are required. Among that energy storage devices, supercapacitor is an efficient energy storage device compared to the conventional energy storage devices like batteries and capacitors, which consists of two electrodes separated by ion-permeable separator and electrolyte. In the field of the supercapacitor, asymmetric supercapacitor promising device can achieve the requirements of higher energy and power densities. To achieve the fill fledged efficiency of the supercapacitor is still challenging due to high contact resistance between the current collector and electrode material. Negligible this resistance and obtain even coating of electrode material on the current collector will be attained by the binder-free electrode deposition method which will promote the electrode electrolyte interactions and improve the stability of the device. The other energy storage device of TEEP program is the binder-free electrodes applied in the Zinc air battery. In this study, a hybrid material composed of transition metal oxides electrode as bifunctional electrode, which is directly grown on stainless steel mesh through potentiostatic electrodeposition.
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