The plan of the research center aims to combine green energy technology with new agriculture to develop new technologies suitable for Pingtung's local agricultural and fishery development. The research center also entices young professional students from Southeast Asia to join, cooperate and develop new agricultural technologies together. They also have the opportunity to take PhD program to further study about the new agricultural technology.

This year, the center will utilize green energy technologies such as atmospheric plasma and diode photocatalyst to discuss the development of Pingtung's new local agriculture and to cooperate with Pingtung operators. This includes the development of atmospheric pressure plasma (Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet) to effectively evaluate the feasibility of prolonging the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and the use of solar photovoltaic light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs) with photocatalysts in cultured fishery waters of chlorine-containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to complete the application of green energy technology.

For this year, the recruitment of students will be mainly from Mapua University in the Philippines, and they can come to Taiwan from January to December. For future internships of young students in Southeast Asia, they will be assisting in the completion of project-related experiments, submission of papers, and they can also improve their language skills through mutual learning. Exchange students can be more knowledgeable about the advantages of China's educational and academic resources so they will choose to study in Taiwan in the future.

  • Field: Nature Science
  • School: National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
  • Organizer: Emerging Compounds Research Center
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  • Contact Person:Mr. Kai-tse Hsaio
  • Phone:+886-920-933050