Welcome international students to the Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP). The TEEP participants will enjoy their stay in Taiwan for six months by completing their internship programs which will be full of learning new exciting knowledge and working with state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, productive TEEP participants will be encouraged to continue their graduate studies in Taiwan. Who we are: Green Cosmetic Chemistry Research Laboratory Group leader: Clive Yen Location: Department of Cosmetic Science, Providence University Website: Facilities: Gas & High-performance liquid chromatography (GC, HPLC); Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR); Thermal analyzers (TGA, DSC) Program Info Topic: Cosmetic Chemistry (raw material processing) Contains: Course and lab work Location: Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan Duration: 6 months Vacancy: 3 students Requirement: Pharmacy or cosmetic science-related major Offering: On-campus dormitory & travel expenses Program details Courses: Cosmetic Chemistry; Language learning (Chinese) Research: Coconut oil characterization; Fatty acid hydrogenation Each TEEP participant will be encouraged to complete a minor science project (e.g. a conference poster) at the end of the program.
  • Field: Nature Science
  • School: Providence University
  • Organizer: Department of Cosmetic Science
  • Period of Apply: Please contact us to confirm the period of application!
  • Term: 6 months
  • Tuition Fee: Please see the program description or contact us!
  • Contact Person:Prof. Clive Yen
  • Phone:+886-4-2632-8001 ext.15416