It is my pleasure to inform you that my research group focused on synthesis and characterization of various metal oxide/metal nanoparticles/transition metal dichalcogenide materials and it composites with various carbon material for the applications in biosensor, chemical sensors, supercapacitor, electrocatalysis, electroanalysis, fuel cells, solar cell, photovoltaic cells, electroanalytical biochemistry and photocatalytic applications, etc.. Our group published more than 700 research articles in internationally peer reviewed journals. Our campus and our university is very wonderful atmosphere condition for doing Ph.D/master degree and our lab/university have more instruments specilities such as XRD, Raman, HE-TEM, BET, XPS, SEM attached with EDX, FTIR, UV-DRS, UV and CH instruments etc.,. If you have any information or any doubt about our lab/university please feel free to contact me via email.
  • Field: Nature Science
  • School: National Taipei University of Technology
  • Organizer: Department of chemical engineering
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  • Contact Person:Prof. Sheng-Ming Chen
  • Phone:+886-2-27712171 #2552