Advances in technology are resulting in advances in medicine. Today there are major leaps forward in fields such as implantable systems, imaging, and prosthetics that are enabled by the emergence of GaN technology. Wireless power is already having an impact on implantable systems such as heart pumps. Imaging technology is also improving at an extraordinary pace! The resolution of MRI machines is being improved through the development of smaller and more efficient sensing coils using GaN FETs and ICs. Diagnostic colonoscopies are about to become a thing of the past due to today’s GaN FETs that are small enough to fit inside an ingestible tablet with a micro-miniature imaging system inside. These types of non-invasive breakthroughs significantly reduce the cost of health care through early warning and non-invasive diagnostics. To design and develop an innovative product technology platform for Normally Off GaN Transistor with Vth more than 1V, Breakdown Voltage more than 200V, drain current of at least 20 mA/mm at Vg=Vd=2V with less leakage current and lower Ron. The technology is based on Nitrogen implanted GaN to convert Normally On GaN to Normally Off GaN Device. This Nitrogen implanted Normally Off device can be used for various appliances including Infrastructure and It, Wireless charging, 5G technology and in many other medical appliances. Therefore, in this proposal, we propose a new normally-off device technology by using Nitrogen implantation under the gate region which is cost-effective and reliable compared to other normally off technologies. This Nitrogen implantation is already proven to be bio-friendly in nature and Gallium Nitride device itself is non-toxic and biocompatible when compared to other wide bandgap materials. I believe that such a strong team can create Taiwan's position in biomedical electronic semiconductor devices in the world.

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