Design of high-speed visible light gaze tracking systems As one of the most important human-machine interfaces in the next generation of smart consumer electronics, the gaze tracking system aims at analyzing the user point of interests as well as their intentions. The visible light gaze tracker can be operated smoothly without an extra IR light sources. It is expected to become a key component for being integrated with smart consumer electronics or other specific devices. Our research team aims to develop the chips as well as their software systems for the gaze tracker. The program wants to recruit one master or PhD EE/CS student from Vietnam or Myanmar. The project will focus on the development of some applications based on the core technology of the gaze tracker we have designed. Welcome to join the National Taiwan Normal University. Prof. Wen-Chung Kao is the Dean of College of Technology and Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University. He is a Senior Editor of IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. He also serves as Vice Presidents of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society & IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society. He is an IEEE Fellow.
  • Field: Engineering
  • School: National Taiwan Normal University
  • Organizer: Department of Electrical Engineering
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  • Contact Person:Ms. Fanny Wang