We welcome the TEEP students to participate in the English education internship program including "Taichung Cultural Tour" at primary and secondary schools in Taiwan. The TEEP students will experience 6-month internship together with Chinese language classes, internship training workshops and experiences in local cultural activities. Upon the completion of this program, students are encouraged to continue studying or working in Taiwan.

In this program, we would like to recruit 10 U.S. students and 2 Philippines students in the university or master's program who are interested in teaching in the elementary, junior high, or senior high school students in Taiwan.

※ Training:
A. Language: 6-12 hours a week intensive Chinese courses during summer;
B. Culture: The introduction of Taiwan and Taichung culture. Course content includes ecological humanities, local and foreign cultures, historical architecture, food, and bilingual curriculum design.
C. Credits: The student will receive 9 credits for the Internship Course, 6 credits for Chinese language course.
D. Learning Partner: The student will be assigned to work with a learning partner to accomplish the program.

※ We offer scholarship NT$3,000 per month, on-campus dormitory, local student companion, learning about Chinese, Taichung culture, and course design

※ Application:
A. The student must be recommended by the International Office.
B. The student needs to apply for the teaching internship online before the specified deadline.
C. Online interviews will be conducted by the adviser of the program.

  • Field: Culture & Humanity
  • School: Providence University
  • Organizer: Master’s Program in Social Enterprises & Cultural Creativity
  • Period of Apply: Please contact us to confirm the period of application!
  • Term: 6 months
  • Tuition Fee: Please see the program description or contact us!
  • Contact Person:Mr. Steven Su, Coordinator of Academic Exchange Affairs
  • Phone:+886-4-2632-8001 ext. 11564