The developments of green sustainable biorefinery technologies are more important under the concept of circular economy. In particular, the green sustainable process technology can be applied to various fields such as agriculture, livestock, environment, food safety and bio-pharmaceuticals.

The aims of this internship programme include:
(1) To learn the theory and practice of biorefinery related technologies in the framework of circular economy;
(2) To promote cross-cultural and national background exchange;
(3) To train the seeds of future sustainable biorefinery scientists and engineers.

The implementation of the project is for a two-month professional and technical study at the Biorefinery and Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory. The scholarship will be awarded to the students with outstanding performance during the internship programme.

  • Field: Nature Science
  • School: Yuan Ze University
  • Organizer: Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Period of Apply: Please contact us to confirm the period of application!
  • Term: 2 months
  • Tuition Fee: Please contact us!
  • Contact Person:Prof. John Chi-Wei Lan