Currently fossil fuels are still the main source of energy in the world. But production of fossil fuels is limited, and it is non-renewable energy, which must take millions of years to regenerate. Due to rapid industrialization, that results in increased fossil fuels consumption, if there are no alternative energy programs, energy crisis will occur when fossil fuels are not sufficiently available. Biodiesel is one of the most well-known alternative energy because it can be used as an environmentally clean energy and it can be produced from biomass such as vegetable oils or waste cooking oil containing triglyceride by transesterification with alcohol. The traditional transesterification uses homogeneous catalyst and thus results in separation and wastewater disposal problem. Therefore new transesterification processes using efficient heterogeneous catalysts that can be easily separated and recovered are highly desirable. Our team has been developing effective solid catalysts and associated processes to produce biodiesel from non-edible vegetable oils and waste cooking oil. A fast catalyst evaluation unit and a continuous production pilot plant have been established in our university. Young excellent students are welcome to visit our university and work with us to develop biodiesel processes and make contribution to preserve natural resources and protect environment.
  • Field: Nature Science
  • School: Tatung University
  • Organizer: Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Period of Apply: Please contact us to confirm the period of application!
  • Contact Person:Dr. Yen-Fu Chen